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The Power of Three

Welcome to our March Newsletter

The internet is a living growing “being” and its growth, which certainly

shows no sign of slowing down, is almost exponential.

It is living and growing in terms of its size and what is available and in what users are doing with it and how businesses are using it to attract customers and sell their goods and services.

“Normal” now was something not even thought of only last year. There is also no doubt that the faster speeds here now and the even faster speeds coming to a screen near you are only going to accelerate things even further.

The nature of the way we do business will change and many businesses in particular sectors will disappear forever. As current examples think of video stores and film processing shops – virtually disappeared.

We have noticed a significant shift in search engine rankings since June this year. It all relates to how a business is “found” on Google – the key words your potential customers are using to track down a business or service like yours. In fact we now see that clients are now achieving better results from search engine optimisation than are being achieved through paid search marketing or pay per click advertising.

One reason is that “all the good words” in paid search advertising have become prohibitively expensive and therefore the cost of conversion into sales makes it uneconomic.

At iNet we have adopted a three pillar approach to improving search rankings and therefore sales and our experience shows that businesses can generally expect to receive an improvement in their rankings in three to four months.

We call our approach “The Power of 3” and the following article goes into some detail about the reasons for our approach.

Regular readers will probably notice that The Power of 3” draws together much of what we have been discussing in recent newsletters. It is all about having a systematic approach.

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The Power of 3

The Power of 3 means that three coordinated online marketing strategies can bring better results than single strategies or strategies used in isolation.

The Power of 3 combines:
  • Content marketing,
  • Search engine optimisation, and
  • Social media marketing
in a structured and planned program to deliver the most efficient and cost-effective results.

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words so this diagram will help to clearly demonstrate how The Power of 3 works:

It is to where the three strategies overlap, within the optimised content marketing zone that The Power of 3 takes your online marketing and it is where the best results can be achieved.

How does it work?

Imagine a peak hour Sydney road where there are thousands of cars bumper to bumper each with just the driver in them. They are stopped or travelling very slowly and it is very difficult for them to get in front of the car ahead of them. These are the internet sites that are not optimising their online marketing.

Right next to these motorists is a lane that is nearly empty – the transit lane - and the few cars that are using it are zooming along and passing all of the other motorists. All you have to do to use the transit lane is to have three people in the car, The Power of 3.

The travellers in the slow lane are never going to get ahead of the vehicle in the transit lane.

The internet is like a road in peak hour and isn’t called the information superhighway without reason. The Power of 3 will put you in the transit lane, motoring past your competitors, to achieve optimal search engine rankings, more inquiry and more sales. It will put you ahead and keep you ahead of your competitors.

Our experience tells us that optimised content marketing will achieve:
  1. Improved and prolonged organic search rankings.
  2. Increased impressions
  3. Increased likelihood of click through
    Which leads to:
  4. Leads and conversions 
That is the mechanics of how The Power of 3 works, the factor binding SEO and social media marketing together is great content which must be:
  • Relevant
  • Timely – updated regularly to keep the reader interested and engaged
  • Interesting – involves and engages the reader.
  • Keyword researched
  • Updated regularly
  • Monitored for trends

Content is then used in tandem in both SEO and social media marketing to maximise and coordinate your exposure to potential customers.

Great results don’t just happen, online marketing is never set and forget but with the right strategy and commitment you can achieve great results. We truly believe that The Power of 3 is the right strategy. CALL us on 02 9547 2005 or online

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